Recruiter Pro Tip:

Your personality and background may appeal to some employers and not to others. It is to your advantage to be yourself, rather than try to mold yourself to fit an image you think will appeal to an employer. After all, you want to find a position and employer that is compatible with 'who you are' and your career objectives. 

Kirby Clinical Inc.
Hospital Recruitment Specialist

"I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of a new job after 16 years with the same employer. Kirby Clinical walked me through every step of the application and interview process... I was not expecting their level of commitment and follow through! The information and support I received helped me bring my A-game and get offered a position at a busy new practice."
- April Piscitello, ARNP

"I want to personally thank Kirby Clinical for helping me to get my dream job. They are friendly with a positive attitude, delivering prompt follow up and attention to my questions and concerns. The entire process was exemplary. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Kirby Clinical to friends and colleagues!"  
- Ike Ekeya, PharmD

"Throughout the process, Kirby Clinical was supportive and seemed to understand my need to think things through... they were patient and helped me walk through my decision process.  The position is everything they described it to be.  The people are great and I wake up each day happy with my decision and am anxious to start work."
- Kathy Soukup, RPh

"I would like to express my sincere thanks in obtaining my recent position as outpatient manager of pharmacy services. The process was very professional and was done in a very precise manner. I would definitely recommend your services to other health professionals!"  

- Janine Smith, PharmD, BCPS, BCOP

As a candidate applying for jobs, before working with a Healthcare Recruiter, ask yourself...

Do you know the specifics of the position they represent?
Did you do your research before sending a resume?
Do they work with my specialty specifically?
What kind of clients do they represent and does that represent your goals?
Do you get along/like them?
Do they offer you timely feedback?
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