Our average time to fill an open position is less than 30 days!

When we place a candidate with you, the odds of them staying in their position for over 5 years is 86%!

After 3 years with our clients, our candidates report an average of a 97% job approval rating!

What can your hospital say that no other company can about your pharmacy program?

Does this candidate represent the kind of cultural fit you'll be proud to see in your hospital?

Is your team happy with their current internal equity?

Have you put in place solid leadership that can and will retain the person you're about to hire?

Kirby Clinical Inc.
Hospital Recruitment Specialist

"Immediately Kirby Clinical started sending me candidates and had the position filled before the other recruiters could hardly get started. Their honesty and integrity was palpable as they backed up what they said they could do. Kirby Clinical was persistent but very respectful of my time. They kept me informed and made suggestions about how to handle the recruitment process without being overbearing.  Their attention to detail was exceptional! In 23 years, I would have to say Kirby Clinical is at least in the top 5 recruiters I have ever worked with, if not the best."  
- Jim Bergman, Human Resources Director

"I have worked with many recruitment firms throughout my career as Director of Pharmacy and can state with confidence that the response and result I have experienced with Kirby Clinical has been outstanding. Our initial need was significant and not something the other firms could readily address.  Kirby Clinical took the task on readily and was able to begin putting us in contact with qualified candidates in very short order. I confidently endorse Kirby Clinical to place pharmacist candidates quickly and effectively while prioritizing the best interests of both parties throughout the process."  
- Cinda Bates, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy

"I have worked with Kirby Clinical multiple times over the last few years and I am pleased to say that they have been one of the most professional, resourceful, and diligent that I have worked with. They are particularly skilled at finding the right fit to compliment an organization's culture. I have found them to be trustworthy and one that has exceptional work ethic. I would highly recommend Kirby Clinical and believe they would be an asset for any company to work with.
- Kristen Medlin, Director of Human Resources

"I have worked with Kirby Clinical for two years and found them to be one of the most professional recruiters that I have had the opportunity to work with. They take the time to get to know how I work and the needs of the Medical Center. I have nothing but the highest regard for Kirby Clinical and recommend their services for any opportunities that you have."

-Christy Kinnard, Human Resources Director

"Unlike other recruiters, they quickly located two outstanding candidates. Within a month's time I was able to interview both of them and had the position filled shortly thereafter. They are very personable, professional, and efficient. Their ability to recruit pharmacy candidates was astounding and honestly made other firms look incompetent. I strongly recommend Kirby Clinical to anyone who needs assistance filling pharmacist positions." 
- Douglas Gindlind, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy

"This position was very important and difficult to fill. We needed the right candidate, not only with the right skill set, but also to fit our organization's vision and mission. The service Kirby Clinical provided was professional, efficient, and focused. Overall, Kirby Clinical is honest, trustworthy, and professional."  
- Diane Gannon, HR Business Partner

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